Staying warm with ease

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Sometimes, it might be cold enough outside to be uncomfortable but not cold enough to turn the heat on in your home. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do that aren’t very expensive that can keep your home warm until it does get cold enough for the heat.

Let the light shine

On sunny days, open the curtains and blinds in your home to let the sun shine through. Keep in mind that you need to make sure the windows are sealed so that cold air doesn’t get into your home. About an hour before the sun sets, you want to close the blinds so that you can trap the heat inside without your home getting too chilly.

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Sealing windows

If you happen to notice any air getting through cracks around your windows, there are some inexpensive ways that you can seal them. Caulk is easy to use and can be applied at any time during the year. Chalk sealant is an option to consider as well. You can also put a piece of plastic over the window and then heat it with a hair dryer. The heat will make the plastic shrink so that it covers the cracks.

Open doors

When you take a shower, try to use warmer water and leave the door open. The heat from the shower can circulate through the bathroom and nearby areas. Pay attention for damp surfaces, drying them before mold and mildew have time to develop.

Hot water bottles

A hot water bottle is good to have on hand if you have a sore muscle or cramps. It can also be used to keep you warm. All you have to do is fill the bottle and make sure it’s warm. Place the bottle at the foot of your bed or somewhere near you so that you won’t roll over on it while you’re sitting or sleeping. Keep in mind that you might need to warm the bottle up at night after a few hours, but this option is less expensive than turning the heat on when it’s not needed.

Oven doors

After you’ve cooked a meal in your oven, leave the door open. The heat from the oven can circulate through the kitchen. This is a similar heating method to leaving the bathroom door open when you take a shower. Make sure your oven is off after cooking so that it’s not left on for the rest of the day or all night as this could result in a high power bill.

Close off rooms

If there’s a room in your home that you’re not using, then close the door. This will keep cooler air from coming out of the room and can divert warm air in your home to areas that are used. A draft stopper can be put at the base of your doors to help keep any cold air from the rooms from escaping.

Free up your radiator

If you have a radiator in your home, you want to move everything from in front of it to allow the heat to circulate. Another detail to keep in mind when you use a radiator or electric heat during the day is to turn the temperature down by a degree or two. This will keep the unit from running as much during the day and at night while still keeping your home warm. It can also save on your monthly electric bill since the unit won’t be running as often.

Get cozy

There’s nothing like wrapping up in a warm blanket to help you stay warm. If it’s not too cold, then put on some long pants and a long-sleeve shirt to help you stay cozy.

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