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The top 10 biggest houses in the world

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The home is for many more than just a place to go to sleep at night. The fact is that choosing a home will come down to a variety of factors, one of those being the elevation of their social status. In fact, that is often a huge selling point for real estate agents hoping to score big on their sale. The high-rollers of our society are a perfect example of this, and that is why they often seek to outdo each other. To demonstrate this, we’ve listed the top 10 biggest houses in the world today.

  1. Pensmore Mansion: 72,215 sq. ft.

Former CIA agent and astrophysicist Steven Huff set out to create not only one of the largest mansions in the country but one that would also prove a point. Huff insisted that a home can be created to withstand some of the most violent attacks, both from man and mother nature. Steven Huff’s 72,215 sq. ft mansion became a reality and is now one of, if not the only home that can withstand bombs, hurricanes, earthquakes, and bullets, to name a few.

  1. The One: 74,000 sq. ft.

Appropriately nicknamed “The One,” this 74,000 sq. ft. mansion will be officially the most expensive home in the United States once it has been finished. What can you find yourself paying for this mansion? The price tag on this home is an unbelievable 500 million dollars which will be paid by film producer and real estate developer Nile Niami.

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  1. Villa Leopolda: 80,000 sq ft.

Not many homes can claim that they have history to them; however, the Villa Leopolda can claim that and much more. Created by the American architect Ogden Codman Jr., this 80,000 sq ft mansion is not only one of the biggest in the world but has also been the home of royalty such as King Leopold II of Belgium.

  1. La Reverie: 84,626 sq ft.

Located in Palm Beach, Florida, La Reverie is currently owned by the founder of Matrix Essentials, Sydell Miller. Because of its location, the mansion is the perfect spot to not only attract the rich and famous but also the ability to push up the asking price.

  1. Modern Versailles: 90,000 sq ft.

Located in Orange County, Florida, and currently owned by the CEOs of Westgate Resorts, Jaqueline and David Siegel, this mansion holds a master bedroom (8,000 sq ft) that is as big as some homes themselves.

  1. Witanhurst: 90,000 sq ft.

The Witanhurst residence is an acclaimed mansion in London as it is only second in terms of size to that of Buckingham Palace. Designed by architect George Hubbard, the mansion has everything a billionaire could ever want in a home. It has everything from a movie theater to a swimming pool with its own dedicated sauna room.

  1. Safra Mansion: 117,000 sq ft.

Owned by the Safra family, this 117,000 sq ft estate holds over 130 rooms within it, with plenty of more rooms located outside the main residence. Unforutently, there is very little information or images of the interior of the mansion as the Safra family is very protective of their privacy.

  1. Biltmore Estate: 178,926 sq ft.

There are not many homes that can compete with the natural wonders of the world, but the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina does just that. Constructed in 1895, the Biltmore Estate stands out amongst the beautiful mountain landscape that surrounds it. The home is currently owned by one of America’s most famous families, the Vanderbilts.

  1. Antilia: 400,000 sq ft.

While some seek large property to create their mega-mansions, one particular businessman looked towards the sky for this home. Owned by the pharmaceutical magnate Mukesh Ambani, this home is actually a skyscraper at the center of Mumbai, India. The entire building cost over a billion dollars to finish, which is nothing but pocket change compared to Ambani’s net worth of $30 Billion.

  1. Istana Nurul Iman Palace: 2.15 million sq ft.

At a certain point, a mega-mansion turns into a palace. At 2.5 million sq ft, the Insat Nurul Iman is no doubt the definition of a palace. Owned by the Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah, the Istana Nurul Iman Palace contains over 1,788 rooms and a garage that can hold 110 cars! At 2.15 million square feet, this is officially the world’s largest home.

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