Beware subscription services

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The modern digital era is driven by subscription economies. Most services no longer want to sell you a package at the outset anymore they want to charge you a monthly fee. The reason they tell you they do this is for your convenience, the reason they actually do it is because it makes them a lot of money. 

Subscription services can bring a lot of enjoyment to your life at a low cost with minimal fuss. Some subscription services do make sense. If you have been paying $60 every month for cable TV then switching to one streaming service for $12.99 is a great way to save money and still enjoy the content that you want. 

Despite this, you need to be really careful about what you sign up for. If any service offers you a free month trial that also asks for your credit card then it is wise to steer clear. Before you know it you are paying for numerous services that you don’t even use. A good idea is to make sure a subscription service is replacing something you already purchase today. If you always bought CDs in the old days then a music streaming service is probably worthwhile for you. However, unless you paying large amounts of money to see Ted talks every year then that subscription service to expert talks in random topics is probably not required.

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Approach your subscription services with a critical eye. On paper, they all sound like very little. $9.99 is the price of a few cups of coffee, no problem. $12.99 is one uber trip, no worries. But they quickly add up. Avoid any unnecessary spending and treat subscription services like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. One of the most wasteful expenses of late is the monthly box subscription where a person receives a box full of things they may like every month. Never subscribe to these boxes. They take your money and add more crap to your life.

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