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Can astrology make you rich?

Science is the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the natural and physical world through observation and experiment. Science is not a belief system. Science works on theories, hypotheses and proofs. While some leading scientific theories have not been proven beyond all doubt there is a lot of evidence that suggests they are true. Climate change is regarded as a scientific fact by most people as the majority of scientists argue that there is clear proof of it. There are a small number of those who argue the opposite but given the sheer weight of evidence on the other side, it can be taken as scientifically proven. Religion is not backed up by any evidence and so is a belief system. Of course, it could also prove to be true and for anyone who wants to believe in it they should not be discouraged, but it should not be held at the same level as science. There are some subjects that try to blur the line. Astrology is one of these areas and those who believe strongly in astrology will argue that it is a science and it can be used to help you be happy, earn more money and achieve success. The only problem with this is that it is not a science, it is a belief and there is absolutely no proof that it does anything.

Astrologers claim that with good astrological knowledge you can help your financial situation. Astrologers believe that astrological houses exist. This is the idea that when you were born the planets were placed in a certain way. They then superimpose a diagram over the sky to determine where each planet lies. If a certain planet lies in a box (or house) then it could be good or bad for you. For example, if Jupiter (a planet that is lucky) was in your second house at the time of your birth then you will find it easy to make money. None of this has ever been proven but if you want to spend your time reading up on astrology to find a way to support your finances then please do.

The truth is that if you do spend a lot of your free time reading up on how astrology can impact your finances, it will work. However it will not work in the way you imagine. If you spend all of your time wishing on stars for your financial situation to be better, then your situation will only get worse.

If you want to improve your finances spend less time managing the stars and more time managing your money and your skill set. The first step to managing money is not above us in the night sky it is by sitting down and preparing a budget. You need to identify how much money you are bringing in, how much you are spending and what you need to save for. If the maths doesn’t work out then you need to upskill so that you earn more money. This is the most simple technique you can use to manage your money. If this doesn’t work for you then you can always turn to the lotto, or to the stars but neither will reap great rewards. 

There is no secret trick to your finances. There is no lucky star and there are very few people that win the lottery. While you may get lucky enough to buy stock in the next Apple when it is starting out this will have little to do with the stars. Instead spend your time working on your career, your savings, and your additional earnings. The easiest way to make more money is to find ways of making money that don’t require your time and effort. Only then can you earn the financial freedom that you desire.

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