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From $7 to $150,000 thanks to a kind gesture

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Is someone who has little and gives it all away better than someone who has a lot and gives a little? The simple answer is no, both are giving and it is not for outsiders to judge how much someone else should give. It is amazing to see anyone be charitable and we should never judge the amount offered. Yet when someone who has barely anything at all goes out of their way to be charitable it shows that none of us have an excuse not to be charitable. I know that sometimes I think of giving to charity and I think “I will wait till I am a little more comfortable and can really help people”. For many people who think like this that day will never come. There is no day better than today to start giving to others. Shetara Sims is living proof of this.

Shetara Sims is a proud mother. Her family is in the lower socio-economic bracket and doesn’t have a lot. They struggle from week to week and often there are nights when her children go hungry. Shetara was recently having another tough week. She was down to $7 in total by the end of the week and decided to buy a lottery ticket with one of the dollars she had left. Maybe it would make next week a little easier. She couldn’t believe it when she won $100. She rushed home to tell her daughter what happened. Yet after the two spoke they decided that although they needed the money, there was someone who needed it more.

Sims had lost a child back in 2012 and at that time the police had been incredibly helpful to her. When she heard that one of the police officers who were so kind to her had been hurt on the job and was now struggling to help his family she felt she had to donate the money. When she tried to donate the money the police refused. They told her to keep the money as they knew she also needed it. She was relentless. In the end, she managed to anonymously donate the $100 to the police officer in question. Of course, everyone knows who the donator was.

The local police station couldn’t stand by and let this woman give away a sum of money that could mean so much to her and her family. In return, they set up a ‘GoFundMe’ page for the woman and told her story. They managed to raise $150,000 for the woman and her family. $100 was a lot of money to Shetara and it would have allowed her to put food on the table for her family for more than a week. $150,000 is an absolutely incredible amount of money and it may allow Shetara to completely change her life and the possibilities for her daughter.

This kindness that was shown to Shetara was largely because she was willing to give away what little she had. Those who show kindness deserve kindness in return. We hope and fully expect that Shetara will continue to do good with the $150,000 she received. If Shetara was going to do such good with just $100 imagine what good she can do with $150,000. Money has a way of changing people but we have a feeling that it will never have that power over Shetara Sims, the woman who with $7 in her pocket gives away $100 and won $150,000. There is an obvious lesson here in being kind to others. Look after those who need help and the world will look after you when you need it too.

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