Is it time to quit your job?

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Work is something that so many people hate yet it takes up such a large portion of our time. The truth is that many people are wasting 40 of the most important hours of their week at a job they don’t like, for what? For money? There are many easy ways to make enough money to survive on and if you are putting up with a job you hate just so you can afford to go on a nice holiday every year or to afford a nice car, think again. Is it really worth suffering in a job you hate for 75% of your waking weekday hours for such small reasons? The answer is simply, no. So how can you know if you are in the right job or not?

If you hate it, vacate it

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The first thing to watch out for is very simple. If you hate your job you are in the wrong one. This may sound obvious but some people think that a job is something to suffer through. It is not. Of course, not all days are going to be sunshine and rainbows but if you feel you are dreading work on a Sunday night and living for the weekend you may be in the wrong place.

Are you challenged?

Some people love their job when they first start. They are learning constantly, meeting new people, and doing so many different things. It doesn’t take long for these things to become routine. That is normal and routine is nothing to be afraid of. In fact, performing in a role where you have a steady routine likely means, you have the ability to perform very well. Yet, if nothing in that routine challenges you then it may mean you have outgrown your role. Talk to your manager and tell them you need to be challenged. If they can’t adapt your role then you need to look elsewhere.

Your manager matters

While the actual job you do and the place you work is crucial, the most important factor in determining whether someone enjoys their job or not is their manager. If your manager is hell to work for, gives you no praise, and asks unfair requests of you, then you are not in the right place. A good manager looks after the team. They try and motivate their staff but also try to help their careers. If your manager is doing none of these things for you or is just a pain, change it up. If you aren’t in a position to look for a new job at least try and change the department to escape the manager from hell.

Be realistic

While all of this is true you need to be realistic too. Many people who are in the right job still struggle to get out of bed on a Monday. Sometimes just following a set schedule is hard work and it requires that you give yourself that kick. Don’t quit your job just because you are having a bad week or always struggle on the Wednesday hump. If you enjoy the majority of your work then you are in the right place.

It is important that you look after yourself. Too many people describe themselves as living for the weekends. You only get one chance at life and if you are allowing a large part of it to be wasted in a job you hate, with people you don’t like, it is not good enough. Whether that job is for bad, good, or great money doesn’t matter. Your happiness and mental health are far more important than an extra 10% in wages. Start analyzing your work environment and figure out if you are happy. 

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