Start monetizing your hobby

These are strange times we are living in and during strange times the best thing to do is reign in your spending and save a little extra where you can. Many people lost their jobs during the coronavirus pandemic and with unemployment rates continuing to rise it can be a long and difficult process to find a new one. The one thing that everyone has time for during coronavirus is to explore a new hobby. While this is a great way to distract from the daily perils that are taking over the news it could be put to more use, it could be used to make you money. 

Ever since I watched the TV show The Wire, I knew hobbies were a way to make money. In that show (which is incredible by the way) one of the detectives creates model furniture at his desk in his spare time. He sells them for a lot of money and it is a way for him to relax and take his mind off the job. We can do something similar during the coronavirus pandemic.

Crafts are the obvious place to go. If you are good with your hands and have a creative eye you can start to make crafts and sell them online. Etsy is the most famous online seller but it does take a percentage of your sales. If you are just starting out try selling them on your social media first to see if there is anyone out there who actually wants them. Once I was on holiday and saw people selling silk bands with a shell attached and a random quote as well. These were so easy to make and they were selling each bracelet for 3 euro, easy money. 

There are many other options than crafts. If you love pets then you could consider becoming a dog walker or pet minder. At this time many elderly people are at home with their pets and are unable to leave their homes. If someone else could walk their dog it would be a huge help to them and it could be a nice side gig for you. Just make sure that you are doing the work in a way that is conscious of social distance and sanitization. The last thing you want to do is become a dog walker famous for spreading the coronavirus.

If you have been working on your baking skills during the coronavirus, why not take up catering. This doesn’t have to mean providing large cakes for fancy occasions. You could drop flyers in the houses that near you each week that detail what dish you will be making and how much a slice or full cake costs. Then once you have the orders in, get baking. There are many dishes that are so easy to make, are absolutely delicious and extremely popular. Some people are just afraid of baking, if you are not, you could be making money right now.

These are just three of my favorite ideas when it comes to monetizing a hobby. The truth is that in the digital age you can monetize almost any hobby. If you love learning new languages, why not translate on the side? If you love writing, why not try writing some blogs or short stories? If you love structure, why not become a virtual assistant? If you love trying new products, why not start reviewing for money?

The reality is that these strange times require strange solutions. While many of us are out of work or working fewer hours we need to find ways to make more money to ensure we can get through this time. Start thinking outside the box and start monetizing your hobby.

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