Four fantastic tips to starting on Airbnb

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Renting out your apartment, room or house on Airbnb is a great way to make extra money while you are away. While it may seem as simple as logging on the website and clicking confirm there is a lot more to it. Read on for some tips and tricks for your renting out your property.

Ensure you are allowed

The first and most important task is to make sure you are allowed to place your space on Airbnb. If you are staying with housemates aks them first if they are ok with it. If you are renting a place, check your tenancy agreement to see if it is allowed. If you own an apartment you will still need to check local council rules. Airbnb tends to drive up the rental price in a local area so many cities are starting to ban it in some neighborhoods. 

Get insurance

While most of your guests will be heaven, others won’t. Ensure you are covered for damages are theft and that the cover option you choose covers subletting. If anything does go wrong make sure you contact Airbnb straight away as they may be able to help.

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Plan properly

You can set your space to ‘unavailable by default’ meaning you only tick it as available when you are going away. It is a good idea to always keep the day before and the day after booking as empty as well. That will allow you to get a cleaner in and allow for early and late check-ins if your guests require. 

Help where you can

It is a nice idea to draw up a small booklet on the basics of the house (Netflix password, Wifi, map of the area, etc) so that they get all the information in one easy place. These small touches can make your home seem like a professional stay and will likely guarantee you 5 stars.

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