How to bulletproof your cover letter

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Writing a cover letter is a necessity when looking for a new job. The cover letter is in many ways your first impression. Your potential employer will get an immediate sense of who you are from this single page and it may impact how the rest of the interview process goes. Some people don’t see the need to send a cover letter as they feel all the information is in their CV. That is great news for you as they have likely already lost the job. Read on to find out how to bulletproof your cover letter.

No typos

The first and most important step is to ensure there are absolutely no typos in your cover letter. You need to review it countless times and make sure someone else looks at is as well. We often have blind spots to our typos and an obvious error can go unnoticed. Hiring managers who receive numerous applications will often bin a cover letter for a mistake straight away. Don’t make their job easy for them.

Three paragraphs

Your cover letter should be just three paragraphs. The introduction should grab their attention and make them want to read on further so avoid any jargon, tell them why you want the job and why you deserve it. In the second paragraph go into more detail by using an example or evidence of why you would be suited to the role. In the final paragraph conclude and set the stage for the next steps.

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It is not a CV

Your CV is your CV. Do not use the cover letter to repeat your job experience or qualifications. That is what your CV is for. Ensure that your cover letter contains information that is different from your CV to avid frustrating your hiring manager.

Some online platforms have a place where you can type out your cover letter. It is always a good idea to attach it as a separate file as well in case the website has some strange formatting rules that make your cover letter look weak. Best of luck with your next job application.

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