How to look great on a budget?

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If you have just started to budget you may be starting to feel the strain. Going from spending all of your money to spending none is tough. One of the hardest things to do when on a new budget it to look great and feel great too. While most of the world don’t know you are now living cheaper it can feel like it is obvious to the world. You have wore the same dress to two functions in a row, everyone must be talking right? It is unlikely that anyone even noticed but even if they did there are subtle tricks you can introduce to look great on a tight budget. Allow us to help.

In many ways a budget is like lanes in a motorway. When all you knew was a tight budget or a one lane road, you made it work. You enjoyed it. However as your budget increased or the lanes on the motorway increased, you got used to passing people out with ease and buying new outfits everyweek. Moving back down in budget or leaving the motorway can be frustrating. We all hate getting stuck behind a tractor and our clothes do start to look like the same old tired outfits after a while. While we don’t recommend any dangerous driving on roads there are some smart moves you can make with your wardrobe.


Lipstick is the cheapest and easiest way to look great. If your makeup stock is running low and you simply don’t have the money to invest in new sets make sure you have a good red lipstick. Applying this can transform your entire look and take you from that “struggling to pay for brunch” look to the “I was born for brunch every day”.

Embrace versatility

We all know that feeling when we enter a clothes shop and see a really unique piece hanging up. We all want it. If you get it you can likely wear it once and get complemented 100 times but what then? You can’t wear it again so soon because people will definitely remember an outfit that impressive. Sometimes it is better to avoid these unique pieces and choose something more versatile instead. Every woman needs a little black dress they can rely on. Pairing a great black dress with a different jacket, shoes or jewelry can make it seem like a whole new outfit. We think every woman needs a little black dress, a leather jacket, and some jeans that fit perfectly.

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Get your nails done

When the budget is strict it can be tough to treat yourself. You might need a haircut but the thought of spending hundreds of dollars right now is simply not possible. Instead, get your nails done. Chipped nails look bad and beautiful nails look great. It is a far more cost-effective option than your hair and you can always tie that up to hide your terrible hair day.

Shop offseason

This one requires thinking ahead. If you need a winter coat and purchase it in the first week of winter you will pay a lot however if you planned ahead and got your new winter coat the first week after winter last year you will likely save a bomb. This is the best way to approach shopping as off-season sales have the greatest markdown on high-quality items.

The truth is that it is easy to look great on a tight budget. You simply need to change your approach. It can no longer be a quick fix solution solved by throwing money at the problem. Instead, you will have to get creative and reinvent with the items you already own. Trust me, when you get complimented on the clothes you have had for years, it is even more satisfying anyway.

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