How you are losing money at work

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When we take a job opportunity the most important factor is often the salary. If deciding between two great jobs it is usually the higher salary that will sway someone. However, when it comes to working there are subtle ways that we are losing some of that money that we work so hard for. Read on to find out how you are losing money without even realizing it.

In a recent study of workers, only 25% indicated that they actually take 100% of their holiday vacation time. The majority feel that they will be too missed at work or that they may be judged for taking time off. This makes no sense. When you take a job the vacation time you are offered is part of that package and by leaving vacation days on the shelf you are basically lowering your salary. Around 10% of those surveyed take none of their time off. While we are sure that you are incredibly valuable to your company, you must find time to take a break. For your mental well being and your value. If you really can’t take the days then try to have them paid out to your salary instead.

The biggest way that people lose money is by not knowing their value. If you are in a job and doing it incredibly well, you are probably happy. Your company is probably very happy too. It costs your company a lot of money to find a replacement for you so if you are doing well, you should renegotiate your contract to get a better salary. Most people do not factor in their expertise for a position after they have been there for a long time. If you change the company you could see an increase in salary of around 10% so you should at least see some or more if you agree to stay in the same position.

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Another way that people lose out on money at work, is by missing opportunities they never heard about. Networking is a key part of a career that will open doors to opportunities that you never hear about. Whether that is an all-expenses-paid trip to a convention in an exotic country or a new job opening that never gets advertised, you need to be in the loop to find out.

The final way that you are losing money is on your lunch. Nearly 20% of employees in the same survey said that they have eaten someone else lunch. While this may not cost you a lot of money, it is just a bit strange. You bought some groceries, went to the effort of making your lunch, go to the fridge and it is gone! Now you have to go out and buy some food while someone else is getting a free meal without any hassle. It just isn’t fair. Psychologists say that putting a note of complaint won’t work either. The type of person that is willing to take this lunch won’t be put off by a note. Or to put it more correctly they won’t be put off by just any note. My personal view is that if this is happening you should make an extra snack and pack it in your lunch. Something with the type of disgusting ingredients that you would never eat. How bad you choose is based on how annoyed you are but store-bought laxatives or bodily fluids are where our minds immediately go to. 

Leave a surprise in your lunch that you know not to eat and the next time your lunch is robbed, put a note out the day after informing the thief of their unfortunate mistake. We are sure your lunch will never be stolen again. Although people may also start to avoid you and think you are a psychopath, at least you still have your lunch though, right? …right?

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