The best finance apps today

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If you use an app to track your runs, use an app to track your diet, use an app to improve your dating life, use an app to find where to go when you are lost, then why aren’t you using an app to help with your finances? Today there are some incredible apps to help you manage your finances.

Budgeting Apps

Today there are many apps that will help you track all of your money coming in and out. You can connect the app to your bank account, to your bills and to your savings. This will allow the app to notify you of upcoming expenses and help you to figure out how much you have left to spend. The best app in this space is one called Mint but if it is not available in your area, there are plenty with similar functionality.

Debt Apps

There are debt apps that are focused on one thing, getting rid of your debt. Ironically most of these apps cost money, however, most people who have tried them say they were worth the expense and they all have a free trial period to help you find out. These apps will make you accountable for every dollar you have. The most famous is You Need a Budget. It offers classes and Q&A sessions with experts and will have you saving money in no time.

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Tracking Expenses

If you are handling your budget just fine but find that sometimes your budget gets out of control then maybe you need to try a tracking app. A tracking app will help you to take account of every little expense. You can use your phone and camera to lodge any receipts. These apps can be pretty intelligent and are usually able to categorize your expenses so that you can see what is causing you to spend too much in that month.

There are now apps for every part of financial planning. Try some out and see which fits best for you. Whatever you do, prioritize your finances and start to treat it carefully. You will be rewarded.

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