The easiest tip for managing your bills

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Paying bills is a chore that no one enjoys. While it has been made easier in recent times by the ability to pay online, handing over money is never fun. It is far less fun though when you forget to pay and end up being charged a late fee. One of the easiest tips to help save money is to always pay bills on the same day.

If you are just starting your first job out of university you may think paying your bills on the same day is impossible as you will have no money left that week. However, once you have your finances up and running you should be spending a weekly amount that accounts for your bills. 

At this time it would be prudent to pay every bill on one day. The main reason is to avoid any chance of forgetting to pay a bill. If the 3rd of every month is the day when your bills get paid you will never forget it. You will be able to prepare for this day with ease. In addition, you will have a clear view of your remaining finances after all the bills are gone out.

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In busy modern lives, we lose so much time running from A to B. Even if you are paying all of your bills online, stopping what you are doing to go online and log in to pay a bill can get in the way of your focus and positivity. Paying them all on one day, in one block (automatic if possible) reduces stress.

Talk to your service providers about moving your bill payment dates to streamline your expenses. Doing it will make you feel empowered and in charge. It will set you up with a clear financial plan and make saving easier. It doesn’t matter whether you choose to put it after your first weekly wage in a month or last. Whatever you choose, make it all one easy to remember date to take the first step in taking control of your finances.

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