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The importance of kindness during a crisis

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2020 was an incredibly tough year for many families. The coronavirus clearly had a massive economic impact and many people struggled to pay bills as they were frozen out of work. The government did its part to help but even with government support, many people struggled to make ends meet. It is clear in many cases that without the kindness of others some would not have made it through this tough time.

One of the worst-hit areas during the coronavirus crisis was the food industry. Many restaurants closed for months and while the owners struggled for this reason most were able to make it through. It was the waitresses and waiters though who really struggled. Waitressing is one of the most popular jobs for female non-graduates. It is the one job that someone can get with no prior experience and make a living from (thanks Reservoir Dogs). Yet when many restaurants closed in March and stayed closed for months on end it was the waitress who faced a tough time.

While income support may have covered their wage it likely didn’t cover the tips they received meaning they were really struggling during this time. Lisa Mollett was one waitress that barely made it through. Lisa works at a diner in New Jersey and has two young children. When the doors of her restaurant shut she was happy to still have a job but it was a job that didn’t pay. She made it through until the restaurant opened again by putting off payments and cutting corners wherever she could. When her restaurant reopened she was hit with some bad luck. Her car broke down in the first week so she had to take Ubers to and from work. She was now back earning but spending everything she was earning on getting to and from work.

One day some regulars to the cafe heard her story and felt they had to do something. The coronavirus economic crisis is based on a worldwide pandemic and has hit everyone. However, make no mistake, it has hit some far worse than others. Once again it is the middle and lower class that has been left to take the greatest impact. This couple was particularly well off but they made it through the pandemic relatively unharmed. They felt they had to do something for this woman that was clearly trying so hard but kept getting pushed to the ground. To help her back to her feet they gave her a car.

It wasn’t a new car and it wasn’t in perfect condition but it was what they could afford to do. They gave Lisa a gift of a Nissan Ultima. While she tried to turn them down initially in the end she knew she had to accept. While her pride was important, it was far more important to be able to feed her children that week. The kindness of strangers took her out of a dark place that only appeared to be getting darker and allowed her to see the light at the end of the tunnel. With the car that she received, she was able to make it to work on time without paying high Uber fees. She felt saved.

This is a tough time for everyone. Likely there are some things that you lost during this time that you would have had if not for the crises. Yet you must ask yourself how bad is it? Is it so bad that you are struggling to find food each day? If the answer is no then maybe you are in a position to help someone who is struggling. Always pay attention to those around you and watch out for signs that they need help. Most people are too proud to ask until it is too late.

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