The secret steps to being charismatic

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Being charismatic is not something that people are born with it. It is not something you admire in others but can never attain. It is a simple skill that can be easily learned if you are open, honest and dedicated. 

To be charismatic you simply need to care about the people you talk to. Be present in your conversations and actually listen to what they have to say. We all think we have a lot of knowledge but everyone has something to teach us, listen and you may learn and appreciate. Try and always listen more than you speak in a conversation.

One of the best tips for being seen as more charismatic is to make more eye contact. Whatever person you talk to, check what color their eyes are. This simple trick will make you more engaging to them. Some may find it a little intimidating but most will see that you are trying to get to know them better. 

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If your mother ever told you not to gossip, it was not just because she was sick of hearing about your friends in school. People love to hear gossip but they don’t feel so great about the people dishing it out. Studies have shown that if you talk about someone being selfish and greedy, people will start to look at you as selfish and greedy. With that in mind start talking positively about people and people will think positively about you. 

Overall being charismatic just requires being more present and active in your everyday life. While it is tempting to arrive at work and complain with your colleagues about public transport while playing on your phone, do something else. Put the phone down, ask about their day, show an interest and learn from them. Start with baby steps and before you know it, people will be amazed at your charisma.

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