The secret to a happy life is a fun job

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The majority of people today are living a mundane existence. Most people hate their job. They come home and complain, eat some food and go to bed, only to wake up and go through the misery of it all again. These same people are the ones who claim to be living for the weekend and are noticeably a different person on a Friday as the weekend is on the horizon. These same people are the ones on a Sunday night who are incredibly low as the fear of the workweek looms. If you are one of these people then you need to change. You must start having fun at work.

The idea of having fun at work will divide many people and likely divide many of our readers. Some will say “work is not a place for fun”, others will say “I can’t imagine ever having fun in the place I work” and yet others will say “of course, work has given me some of the best times of my life”. One of these people is in the right job, the other two are not. 

When you think about your job you must think about what you want. Things like money, responsibility, career growth, maybe a fancy car could all be on your list. However what should be on your list and what is increasingly at the top of many people’s list is the culture at the place you work and the enjoyment you can have there. People spend more time at their place of work than they do at home. They spend more time with the people they work with than their own family. The time you have in work matters. 

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Employers are clearly starting to recognize this as well as they are now placing greater importance on work enjoyment instead of simple work outcomes. Technology companies like Google and Facebook led this change as they wanted their offices to be a place for people to enjoy being, to hang out, to chat with others. In creative jobs, they see culture as being crucial as fun fosters interaction between employees. In other jobs, it still matters because anyone who is relaxed and happy will work better than those who are unhappy in their job.

It has been proven that having fun at work makes you more productive as well. People who hate their job, don’t really like doing it. They will spend as much time during the workday as they can avoiding work. Whether that is making more trips to the bathroom, the kitchen, or just being on a social media website whenever they can. People who enjoy their job will have fun in whatever capacity they choose and then approach their work with zeal. Their work is what keeps them in this position to have fun, so they will enjoy it more.

Many companies have started to introduce social clubs, fun Fridays, and different events that allow the employees to have more fun. These things help. Finishing a Friday with a quiz and a couple of beers is a great way to start the weekend and get everyone feeling great. However, faking it doesn’t work. Buying your employees a couple of beers after they have had a horrible week may not be enough. Fun needs to be part of the work environment itself and piecemeal efforts to paper over the cracks will result in more people hating their job.

If you are in a job that you don’t love, that is perfectly fine. If you are in a job that you don’t have any fun at, that you dread going to, that is not ok. While people often focus on a particular career it turns out that the people you work with and the place you work are of far more importance. The key to a happy life is to have fun at work.

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