The secret to landing your next job

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Applying for countless jobs based on online job websites and LinkedIn can be painful. You submit your resume and just hope. After that, nothing happens. You were perfect for the job but it didn’t happen. That is because you left it up to chance. If you leave anything up to chance you can’t be upset when it doesn’t work out. Next, I want to tell you the secret to a successful job application and taking chance out of the game.

The idea here is relatively simple, it will take confidence, it will take effort, but it is simple. Let me also make it clear that this tip will help you get any job that you deserve. I want to help you weed through the other 500 applicants and get noticed but if you are not able to do the job and are noticed, it is pointless. So step one is to ensure you are suitable for the job. This may involve doing some online training, researching the company more, whatever it is, do it.

Then comes the secret. Don’t apply using traditional means. If you have found the company that is hiring then you are being handed the information you need. Now you must find out who the hiring manager is for that company. There can be a number based on different departments so make sure you do your homework but if you can’t find it online, phone the company and ask.

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Next, email the hiring manager with a friendly open email. Now you need to provide them value. If you just email them and ask for a job like everyone else you will look like everyone else. Give them something for free so they know your worth. It might be a plan for how to attack a new market or it might be a new method to approach customers. Lay your work out and ask them for feedback.

If it is something they like, say you would love to chat about the job vacancy. This idea is based on one simple truth. Someone is trying to hire the right person for the job, by going a step further you make the decision easy for them.

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