The silver lining in losing your job

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Losing your job can be a tough time. If you are someone that placed all of their self-worth on job performance, then losing your job can make you feel worthless. Yet every obstacle is really an opportunity. Losing your job is a time to evaluate your life and discover more about yourself. Here are some of the most important things that people who lost their job have learned.

You are not your job

Worklife takes up so much time in your day that you could be forgiven for thinking it is your life but consider for a moment why you go to work. Is it something you love, or is somewhere you go to get money to pay your bills. If it is the second then don’t put it on a pedestal. People who think they are defined by their job often come to a stark realization when they are older, that they have wasted their life. Losing your job allows you to evaluate who you are and what is important to you.

You can shake things up

If you trained in university to be a teacher, left uni and became a teacher straight away, have friends that are mostly teachers, you may think there is no other option. The truth is very different, there are so many career choices today that weren’t available when you went to university. Losing your job is a chance to look at the market and change what you want to do.

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Value happiness

Everyone needs between 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. Yet we often sacrifice it for work or fun. Sacrificing sleep for fun is a great idea but for work, terrible. Don’t sacrifice your health for something that is just helping you get by. Your number one priority should always be your mental state. By losing your job you can often discover that your job was stressing you out needlessly. When you return to the workforce, do it on your terms.

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