The smartest careers for introverted people

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As an introvert, the last thing you want to do is subject yourself to hypersocial situations on a daily basis. I have good news, though – there are so many career options available if you’re looking to specialize in a role that doesn’t center around speaking to people.

Whether you want to work from home or you work more efficiently outside of your home (sometimes you just have to get out) there’s probably an introvert-friendly career on this list for you.

1. Web Designer/Developer

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Web design and development both require focused, careful work, which means that your coworkers won’t be super chatty during work hours. Web designers work on the aesthetics of the website and focus on creating a great visual user experience for site visitors. Web developers focus on coding functionality for the website, testing and fixing any bugs, and making the site run as smoothly as possible.

2. Copywriter

Copywriters are essential to any business that has a website or advertises. This means that they’re needed by most businesses. As a copywriter, you can work for yourself or for a marketing agency. Lots of introverts report feeling more comfortable communicating through the written word, so if that’s you, then look into copywriting as a career.

3. Video Editor

With video content on the rise over the past several years, there’s a lot of demand for skilled video editors. If you know your way around professional video editing software or you’re willing to learn, you’ve got a highly marketable skill that businesses and brands will pay for. Video editing is intensely-focused work that demands a quiet room to work in, which makes it an ideal career for an introvert.

4. Music Composer

Introverts with an affinity for music and sound will love freelancing as a composer or sound editor. You’ll get to spend all day in your home studio (or wherever you want) recording music in peace. As an added perk, companies are always looking for audio artists to hire for their content and ads.

5. Accountant

Some introverts seem to like number more than people and if that’s you, we don’t blame you. Have you looked into accounting as a career? You’ll work with numbers all day long and you’ll be helping people with a task they probably loathe. It’s a win-win situation. You can offer freelance bookkeeping services or find a job as a CPA or staff accountant.

6. Baker

Whether you choose to work in a local bakeshop or you operate your own small baking business from home, baking is a great career choice for people who love working with their hands. Introverts that love to wake up early will especially love a baking career, since working with bread means you’ll be up early so the bread dough can rise. You’ll spend the day quietly working in the kitchen, testing new recipes, and baking delicious treats.

7. Dog Walker

Animal lover? Dog walkers provide a much-needed service in their local communities by giving pets the attention and exercise they need and giving the pet owners some of their time back to do other things. You’ll spend the majority of your working hours with dogs, so if that sounds like a better gig than talking to people all day, consider walking dogs for a living.

8. Engineer

Engineers usually require the most formal education among the careers on this list, but they’re well-paid for it. This is an introvert-friendly career because you’ll be able to work through your ideas alone and given ample space to do so. If you’re a problem solver and not a people person, this might be the job for you.

9. Product Photographer

Photographer at heart but not a fan of taking family or wedding photos? You might be the perfect product photographer. E-Commerce stores always need new images of their products and local businesses will pay for crisp shots of their merchandise and menu items. You could work with a marketing agency or you can go it alone as a freelancer and have your clients send products to photograph.

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