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Understanding the symbols on the US currency

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The most famous currency in the world is undoubtedly the US dollar. While countries around the world use different currencies, everyone recognizes the green notes of the US dollar. In fact, many of us could probably draw one if we had to. A president in the middle, a pyramid on the back, an eagle and a few more strange symbols. If you have ever wondered what the meaning of these symbols was, read on.

The pyramid

The pyramid is probably the most famous symbol of all on the US dollar. Some people have said that it represents secret societies and their influence on American politics but the truth is less controversial although just as interesting. The pyramid is said to represent strength and duration. While it is an unfinished pyramid as a nod to the work that remains to be done in America. The eye above the pyramid is to represent divinity. If you look closely at the pyramid you will see some letters. These are roman numerals that state the year of America’s independence, 1776

The shield

In front of the eagle (a bird that symbolizes America) is a shield with horizontal bars on top of 13 stripes. The horizontal bars represent the federal government at the time and the 13 stripes are of course the 13 states at the time of its inception. A few more states have been added since but the currency remains unchanged. 

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The talons

In the eagle’s talons, he holds both an olive branch and arrows. This is to symbolize both war and peace. The eagle holds the olive branch in his dominant talon to emphasize the importance of peace over war. 

The number 13

The number 13 represents the founding states of America yet it appears many times on the note. There are 13 stripes on the shield, 13 arrows, 13 leaves on the olive branch, 13 stars above the eagle and 13 fruits on the olive branch. Lucky for some. 

There really is an incredible amount to read into the US dollar bill. Its intricate detail is one of the reasons it is famous around the world.

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