What to learn from a bad boss

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The difference between a job that you enjoy and one that you hate often comes down to the boss. If you have a terrible boss it can make the working environment difficult. While if you have a good boss it can make your workplace an incredible place to grow. If you are stuck with a bad boss, don’t fret. Every situation is an opportunity to learn and this one is no different. As someone who has had many bosses in my years, here are three things to learn from a bad boss.

Question Authority

When you have a great boss it can be difficult to disagree with them. Their ideas are usually good ones and they usually think of the issues with their own idea before presenting them. Even if you feel comfortable disagreeing, it can be hard to think of things to disagree with. A bad boss, on the other hand, will quickly show you how sometimes authority does not always mean talent. If you are being subject to bad ideas, learn how to question them. In each situation don’t just criticize but offer a new solution. If your boss is particularly egotistical then make sure you compliment their idea before tearing it to shreds.

Get what you need

Some bosses are not meant to manage people. They may not know your name and certainly will forget about your career aspirations and desires. This means that a great project may come up and they won’t think to put you on it, even if it is the perfect stepping stone for your career. If your boss is absent (in mind or body) start to track these opportunities yourself. Then tell him or her that you want this project and give them no opportunity but to give it to you. Take your career into your own hands because your boss is not paying attention. This lesson can then be taken into your future jobs, even when you have a good boss. Your career is your responsibility and even if you have a caring boss you should look out for things that will help you.

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Don’t take it to hear

Sometimes bad bosses are just rude and critical. Don’t take it to heart, it simply means they lack the ability to help their staff with any issues or growth. This is a great lesson to learn for your entire career. At some point, someone will criticize you and maybe they won’t be incompetent. Still don’t take it to heart, focus on improving yourself and allow any criticisms to improve your performance not attack you personally.

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